“Sister Derby was shocked when i asked her for a feature”- Medikal

The Ghanaian rapper Medikal said that when he called His ex-girlfriend Sister Debbie to ask for a feature, she was surprised.

People on Social media were surprised to see The two ex-lovers on The same set making a music Video for their new song, “Cold and Trophies.”

Many Ghanaians were surprised by Medikl and Sister Derby’s new song because They didn’t think The two former lovers had anything to do With each other after their relationship ended In a messy way.

During an interview on Accra’s Kingdom FM, Medikal said that he didn’t know who he wanted to be on The song before he made it.

Still, when he was recording His song, he thought that His ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, would be The best singer to feature In it. According to him, he felt Sista Derby had The vibe and voice for The feature, hence His decision to feature her.

When asked if it was hard to get her to be In The Song, he said

“I’m Not at loggerheads With her. We dated and things did Not work out but that does Not mean we Have problems. When I called her for The First time after a long while, she was shocked I called. She then asked for The song, listened to it, and sent her verse over to me”.

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