Someone’s Shopping Money Is Your Bail Money

Moesha Boduong, an actress, recently made fun of Hajia 4 Real, a Ghanaian star who Is currently In jail. She did this by using her former rival, Amanda Acquah.

Hajia 4 Real Has been granted a $500,000 bond by The U.S. District Court hearing her case.

Meanwhile, Amanda Acquah, who Is currently dating businessman Kenpong, Hajia 4 Real’s ex, Has been spending a lot of money on shopping.

Moesha shared a Photo of Amanda Acquah’s shopping spree and said that $500,000 Is nothing to Amanda – she uses that money just to shop!

People on Social media quickly made The connection With Hajia 4 Real and noted that Moesha was cleverly trolling The ‘fraud girl’.

Below Is her Post;

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