Tamar Braxton’s Fiancé Wants Baby Mama Drop To Stop

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Jeremy “JR” Robinson, Tamar Braxton’s new fiancé, cleared up some drama after one of His kid’s mothers popped off on Social media about The unwanted attention and their lives being disrupted.

Last week, JR addressed The drama In an Instagram story, according to PageSix.

Tamar’s fiancé wrote, “The mothers of my children Have been put In The public eye because of me, and that’s so unfair to them. They Have been nothing short of amazing to my children. Sometimes a difference of opinion With No conversation to clear up miscommunication creates a bad cycle.”

“I want everyone to be peaceful and will do my best to foster that,” The Atlanta-based attorney concluded.

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After it was revealed on Peacock’s Queens Court that The couple was engaged, one of Robinson’s exes, Anaston Jeni, shared her side of The story on Instagram after Tamar’s birthday Post that alluded to The couple’s blended family. Jeni made it abundantly clear that The “Love & War” singer wasn’t anything to her son or JR’s other mother’s children.

“This woman Is In No way a bonus or stepmom to my son. My son does Not mean ‘everything’ to her, and she Has Not thanked God for me, and truthfully none of His baby mamas. She Has said demeaning, disrespectful, and outrageous things about how I Have chosen to co-parent With my son’s father and The efforts I Have made to keep him involved,” Jeni wrote In a lengthy Instagram Post.

“It’s easy to believe one side of The story when No one else Is telling theirs. It’s also easy to label women as ‘bitter baby mama’ + call baby mamas opportunists, etc. because that’s what society does.”

She also expressed that she didn’t want The newfound view In The public eye, nor did she “benefit financially or socially” from The situation.

Jeni continued, “But people who know me both on Social media and In real Life know that I Have never been any of those things. I Have worked hard for everything that I Have & none of it was given to me by my son’s father. I Have supported him while he Has lived His Life to The fullest and Have never made disparaging or defaming comments about him on Social media. I do Not benefit financially or socially by any of this becoming public. I do Not desire to be famous or well-known. That’s Not what this Post Is about today—I just want it to be clear that The picture that Is being painted Is Not real & it Is Not honest. 🤍”

In response to naysayers’ doubts about their relationship, Tamar spoke about JR’s family dynamic, writing, “We Have six children between The two of us, and They mean EVERYTHING to me. So miss me With he Has four baby mamas!! Thank God for them. We are blessed and drama-free.”


Meanwhile, The accomplished singer revealed to NewsWail that The couple Is busy planning their wedding, and she’s happy that Queens Court helped her find romance.

“Because either you’re going to find your person or find out something about yourself that you need to learn to ultimately find The person you’re supposed to be With. So it truly Is a win-win situation. And I think that’s something I learned on The show. I thought that me being open was a hindrance to my Life, and it wasn’t. It was actually a blessing,” Braxton said.

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