Tessa Thompson said she just ate eggs for the first time

Tessa Thompson said she just ate eggs for The First time

Tessa Thompson Is a veteran actress, but she Has only recently received The credit she deserves. Now, she Is one of The most popular rising stars In entertainment. With The Creed film franchise reaching an increasingly bigger audience, Tessa Thompson Is reaping those benefits. A little over a week ago, Tessa Thompson visited Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” During The interview, Tessa revealed some unique eating patterns. She never ate a hamburger and only recently had eggs.

Tessa Thompson shocked The world With whatever did or didn’t happen With Janelle Monae. Both are two of The most interesting stars In entertainment. Creative geniuses, there were rumors of Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae dating. While They were spending a lot of time together, They never confirmed what The nature of their relationship was. Nor was it The business of anyone but them. In any event, The ladies now do Not spend as much time together.

Tessa Thompson Is now on The verge of superstardom. As a result, she Is always on The big screen, starring In The biggest movies. In addition, she goes on press runs that now put her on late night talk shows, as opposed to The regular radio runs. To that end, a few days ago, Tessa Thompson was on “The Tonight Show.” During her sit down With Jimmy Fallon, Tessa spoke on food. She revealed she never had a hamburger In her Life and only recently had eaten eggs for The First time.

Tessa Thompson said she just ate eggs for The First time

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