Tiffany crawford dead and obituary, Cause of death – Bizarre details emerge

On May 2, 2017, her body was found In The driver’s seat of her car. She had started The online support group Mothers Helping Mothers. Even though The 32-year-old had two gunshot wounds to The head, it was First thought that he had Killed himself.

After an investigation by The SBI, an Alabama police department, Mr. Crawford was charged a year later. A Cullman County jury found Crawford guilty of murder on November 18, 2022. On March 10, 2023, he was given a 99-year prison term.

He says that he Is Not guilty and that His wife Killed herself. Crawford will be interviewed only for TheThe Mysterious Death of Tiffany Crawford” episode of 48 Hours on CBS. During The conversation, a strange fact about Crawford’s 911 call The night His wife died came to light.

David Begnaud, a reporter, talked to several people who were involved In The case. Joseph Parrish, who was In charge of The investigation, told him that he First heard The recording of Crawford’s 911 calls.

He said The man’s tone was “very casual” and “didn’t sound like someone worried about His wife.” Parrish said that Crawford’s refusal to answer one of The 911 operator’s questions was His biggest worry. Begnor asked Crawford, “She asked you who shot her, and you didn’t tell her. How come?” Tiffany fell down, and In her left hand was a pink handgun.

Crawford said that His wife would put it In The car door to keep it safe. When a member of Congress asked what happened, he said, “Uh, we had a Fight.” I wouldn’t let her In, and The last thing I remember Is…I went inside and listened. A shot was fired, followed by a scream and another shot.”

Begnor was told by Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry that he sent The case to The Alabama Department of State The day after The killing so that it could be looked into. This led to Parrish taking over because Ronda, Jason’s mother, was His office manager at The time and had a conflict of interest. Parrish wanted to see The van, but he found out that detectives had given it back to Tiffany’s family after taking pictures of it The night she died.

The family Has cleaned The car very well, Which Parrish thought was “weird.” “It’s strange how quickly They cleaned up after something like this,” he told Begnor.

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