Tim Keller Net Worth: How Much Was He Worth?

This Article will highlight on The personal information and The net worth of Timothy James Keller, an American pastor, and theologian.

Timothy James Keller was born In Allentown, Pennsylvania, In 1950, to Louise A. Keller Clemente and William B. Keller, a television advertising manager.

Keller was a graduate of Bucknell University (BA, 1972), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1975) and Westminster Theological Seminary, where he received His D.Min. In 1981 under The supervision of Harvie M. Conn.

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Although he attended The Lutheran Church In America during His upbringing, he became a Christian while at Bucknell University due to The ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Keller later served as a staff member With InterVarsity.

Keller was ordained by The Presbyterian Church In America (PCA). Keller served as a pastor at West Hopewell Presbyterian Church In Hopewell, Virginia for nine years while also serving as director of church planting for The PCA. He also served on The faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary In Philadelphia, where he and His wife Kathy Keller were involved In urban ministry.

Keller’s preaching and writing In His apologetics are characterized by a respectful orientation towards an educated and skeptical audience outside The faith. His most explicit work on The subject was The Reason for God Which he attributed to thousands of conversations With skeptical New Yorkers over The course of His ministry (Reason, xix).

On creationism, Keller stated that His view Is Not strictly literal and that evolution Is “neither ruled In nor ruled out” In His church. Keller wrote on The topic for The Biologos Foundation.

Keller’s major influences In apologetics included C.S. Lewis, Cornelius Van Til, John Stott, Alvin Plantinga, and Miroslav Volf.

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Timothy Keller had an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $5 million at The time of His death.

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