Tom Joyner dead and obituary, Jaws’ First AD & Frank Capra –

Another death hoax Has surfaced online, this time radio host Tom Joyner. A website Has caused confusion when it reported The death of an assistant director of The same name In Hollywood.

Netizens mistook Joyner for The famous radio personality and thought he was dead, however, Tom Joyner, 73, Is still alive and well.

News of The death of assistant director Joyner was First reported by Deadline, saying he died on Feb. 22 at The age of 79 after a long battle With heart disease and cancer.

Joyner was both The production manager and assistant director. He worked on some notable films, including Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975), John Landis’ The Blues Brothers (1980) and Stephen Hopkins’ Predator 2 “(1990).

In 1999, Joyner received The DGA’s Frank Capra Achievement Award In recognition of His service to The Guild and professional accomplishments.

Netizens shocked to learn of another Tom Joyner

When news of Tom Joyner’s death hit The Internet, many assumed it was radio host Joyner. But once The confusion cleared and They were assured The morning show host was safe and alive, They were relieved.

Some people learned about The assistant director First, and tweeted if They didn’t know The other Joyner guy so late.

Many Have demanded that The site that published The Article about The death of The “white man” Joyner be republished and His identity clarified because there Is another Tom Joyner whose fans are shocked and upset.

The black American community was shocked when everyone thought it was her Joyner who died. Fans broke down on Twitter after discovering The 73-year-old ex-musician was alive. They also offered their condolences to The family of another Joyner.


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