Top 5 Aesthetic Minecraft Servers

Minecraft allows you to join community-made servers.

There are multiple types of servers like survival, vanilla, minigames, and More.

There are also aesthetic Minecraft servers With beautiful spawn and buildings.

However, They are hard to find because a lot of popular servers are too complicated.

They Have too many players, minigames, and a messy user interface.

Hence, joining an aesthetic server will improve your experience.

This list contains The top 5 aesthetic Minecraft servers for Java, Bedrock, and cracked versions.

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  1. Mob Arena
  2. Starfruit Gardens
  3. SnowFoxMC
  4. AsianSMP
  5. BlossomCraft

1. Mob Arena

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Server IP address:

Mob Arena Is a dedicated Minecraft server for Fighting mobs.

It Has a beautiful spawn on a floating island With vines and waterfalls.

It Has an aesthetic and cottage-core theme With old-school builds.

The builds include windmills, gazebos, bridges, and More.

Battle In multiple arenas and choose from More than 16 classes like Thor, Poseidon, and Hades.

2. Starfruit Gardens

Server IP address:

Starfruit Gardens Has a cozy, cottage-core-inspired theme that Is perfect for players who want to be part of a friendly and grief-free community.

It’s a small server that values player suggestions, and They are always willing to consider new ideas.

Some of their features include custom generation for The overworld, nether, and end, along With unique structures and cosmetic items.

They Have over 100 custom enchantments and adorable cottage-core textures (primarily using Mizuno’s 16 Craft resource pack).

They also offer Pyrofishing and Pyromining, Towny-Mcmmo, and Jobs, as well as chest shops, dead chests, crates, and separate survival and resource worlds.

3. SnowFoxMC

Server IP address:

SnowfoxMC Is a custom PvE Survival server run by two software engineers.

They Have created unique plugins that are unlike any other Minecraft server.

Their goal Is to provide a friendly community and The ultimate Minecraft experience With a focus on aesthetics and accessibility.

With extensive In-game and out-of-game documentation, players always Have access to information.

4. AsianSMP

Server IP address:

AsianSMP Is a welcoming Minecraft SMP With an Asian-themed map and No paywalls.

It aims to provide a chill environment where players can make friends and vibe together.

Initially, The server was created as a fun place for The creator’s Asian friends to hang out, but it was later released to The public as a barebones survival server.

The server also includes additional features such as grief prevention, player shops, and a custom resource pack to enhance The overall experience.

5. BlossomCraft

Server IP address:

BlossomCraft Is a laid-back, community-focused server that offers a great Minecraft experience.

It Has a No-grief policy and an economy system In place.

Players can join regardless of whether They use Java or Bedrock.

The server Has a variety of plugins that enhance The game and voting can earn players free ranks and perks.

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