Two slἆy queens cause confusion on Facebook as they shake their ℵ⑂ἆ﹩ℏ in a reel video (watch)

In recent times, Social media Has become a platform for people to showcase their talents, share their opinions, and connect With others. 

However, it Has also become a place for people to engage In questionable activities and behaviors that may be considered inappropriate or offensive.

This Is evident In a recent Video that surfaced online featuring two slay queens shaking their nyash.

The Video Has caused a stir on Facebook as many users expressed their disappointment and disapproval of such behavior on Social media

Some argued that such content promotes immorality and sends The wrong message to young people who look up to these Social media influencers as role models.

While some defended The slay queens, stating that They were simply having harmless fun and expressing themselves creatively, others were quick to point out The negative impact that their behavior could Have on society. 

Watch The Video below.


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