UK Government threatens TikTok ban on official devices – is a national ban next?

TikTok users In The UK are concerned about a rumour saying The app Is going to be banned In The country. Well, In The United States, we Have already seen The government taking action on The usage of The app and limiting it. However, The case Is now With The UK and The citizens are curious to know if The UK Is really to Have a nationwide ban on TikTok.

Read ahead to know More about rumours about The TikTok ban In The UK concerns users.

Rumours about TikTok ban In The UK

TikTok over The years Has evolved as one of The most popular Social media app across The globe. As billions of users Have connected With The platform. It seems there are governments having some issues With The usage of The app In certain countries.

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Recently, we got to hear a rumour regarding TikTok saying The UK Is about to Have a nationwide ban on TikTok. This Has certainly made The UK citizens using The app to be concerned. As there’s hardly anyone who isn’t using TikTok. But Is The UK really having a ban on TikTok?

Is UK having a ban on TikTok?

Despite The fact that TikTok Is growing popular among users across The world. The government of several countries are Not very much In support of The app. As They believe The app imposes security threats. The reason behind it Is The app run by ByteDance, a Chinese company.

As per BBC, The PM of The UK Rishi Sunak said “We take The security of devices seriously and we look at what our allies are doing”. However, The UK hasn’t banned TikTok yet. So far No such announcement about The ban Has come out.

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United States action on TikTok usage

While In recent we had The UK are rumoured to banning TikTok. Previously, The United States had similar issues With The platform and limited The use of TikTok In The country. As mentioned The same security threats issue, US banned TikTok on government devices and federal buildings.

Yet, UK Is looking into TikTok to see if They need a ban on TikTok or Not. If They feel security threats With it then The UK might go for a similar action to The United States. Yet, The official announcement about any such ban In UK Is still to come.

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