Wahid Satay Death, Wife, Children, Net Worth

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Wahid Satay death Has shocked many, but people will be consoled by His good work. On The occasion of His demise, people Have been sympathizing With His wife children, and family. What was His net worth when he was alive?

In this Article, we are going to talk about His Life, where we will discuss everything about him including His wife, children, net worth, and career details.

Life“>Early Life

Before we zoom In on Wahid Satay death, let’s get to know who he was.

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Wahid immigrated to Singapore In 1935 after being born In Indragiri, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Geylang Malay School was where he acquired His early education.

He studied painting before beginning His acting career; it had been a pastime of His since high school.

Wahid received a job offer as a studio set painter at The Cathay Keris Studios at East Coast Road at The end of 1956 as a result of The caliber of His works.

For The 1957 movie Pontianak, director B.N. Rao needed to cast a young comic.

Rao opted to cast Wahid In a comedy part In Pontianak after noticing that he was constantly cracking jokes With His coworkers and making everyone on The set laugh.

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Owner of Cathay Keris Studios Loke Wan Tho assigned Wahid The character of a satay vendor In a village where residents are wary of Pontianak, hence The stage name “Wahid Satay.”

One of The most enduring parts of The movie Pontianak Is The scene In Which Wahid portrays The satay vendor.

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Career beginnings

Wahid Satay death Is a sad moment, but when you look back at what he did, there Is a lot to remember him about. How did His career begin?

Wahid was elevated from an assistant painter to a Full-time actor With a three-year contract after His enormous success In Pontianak.

Wahid was skilled Not just In acting but also In singing.

Wahid Not only excelled In front of The camera but also gave live performances to support His movies.

Wahid was still frequently invited to perform live on stage up until The time of His passing.

Wahid represented His studios at The Asia Pacific Film Festivals In Tokyo, Manila, and Hong Kong while They were Cathay Keris Studios.

Wahid earned The moniker “The Jerry Lewis of Singapore and Malaya” as a result of His work as an actor With Cathay Keris Studios, where he frequently played lead and supporting roles In comedic roles.

He gained renown alongside another comedic actor, Mat Sentul, at The same time period In addition to His iconic comedic role from The 1950s and 1960s.

As a result, The two of them collaborated on a Number of comedies from The time period, including Pak Pandir Moden, 2 Kali 5, and others.

Wahid Satay Death

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Wahid Satay

Wahid Satay death was reported on 22 May 2023. He was believed to Have been found lifeless on His bed by His grandchild.

The cause of His death Is reported to be diabetes and heart disease.

Who was Wahid Satay wife? Was he married to anyone?

Wahid Satay Wife

Wahid Satay was married, but there are No details about who His wife Is and when They got married.


There are very few details about The man’s family, hence, we are unable to find information about His children.

He Is believed to Have children, but who They are and what They do are Not available to us at The moment.

What was Wahid Satay net worth?

Wahid Net Worth

Wahid Satay death Has had people asking about how much he was worth.

With few details about His Life available, we Have Not been able to establish what Wahid Satay net worth was before His death.

Given how hard he worked and how popular he became, he Is believed to Have earned a lot of money, but we are unable to find exactly how much he was worth.

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