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The case of Pelea de Norma Lizbeth In Teotihuacan Is a poignant reminder of The devastating effects of bullying. This blog Post aims to shed light on The tragic repercussions of such incidents and raise awareness In hopes of creating a More compassionate world. Let’s delve into this heartbreaking story.

The Death of Norma Lizbeth

Norma Lizbeth was only 14 years old when she died 21 days after The Fight that led to her death. She suffered a traumatic brain injury during The altercation, In Which her assailant, another student from The same secondary school, used her fists and a stone or a metal object, such as a horseshoe, to harm her. This information was shared on Social media, primarily on Twitter, by users.


Mientras Norma Lizbeth de 14 años era golpeada por su compañera, alumnos grabaron la “pelea”.
días después falleció por traumatismo craneoencefálico.
Cuantos de estos regresarán lo que se les invirtió.
Y cuantos más a si
Lamentable si.

— Informa_GDL (@Informa_GDL)”>March 16, 2023

Reports on Social media suggest that The girl who attacked Norma may Have used a metal horseshoe, Which could explain why The damage was lethal, and why The attack could be classified as attempted homicide.

Norma Was Bullied and Abused Because of Her Skin Color

Norma Lizbeth had been subjected to aggression, humiliation, and abuse due to The color of her skin since she was a child, according to some of her few friends. As she began to feel rejected, she started to lose friends, and consequently, became a very serious and shy child, as narrated by people who knew her. “Yes, I knew Norma Lizbeth since The third grade, she was one of my friends. She suffered a lot of bullying because of her skin color since primary school. It was something ugly, and she used to tell me she wanted to be a nurse. She went to school With me only In third and fourth grade, and then I never heard from her again,” said one of her classmates.

What Happened on The Day of The Fight?

According to Fernanda, one of Norma’s classmates, The students who witnessed The Fight did nothing to stop it, and instead, recorded and mocked it. “They Killed a 14-year-old girl, With dreams and goals, With a lot of Life ahead of her. Unfortunately, her Life was taken due to bullying. They hit her, even With stones. Many students participated, and instead of helping, They recorded and laughed. The principal and some school authorities, including teachers, knew about this girl’s situation and did nothing to help.”

Moreover, The principal and staff, who were aware of The bullying situation, failed to protect The minor from her abusers.

Twitter-tweet”>”>#Tragedia Ella era Norma Lizbeth Ramos Pérez tenía 14 años y falleció el pasado lunes después de haberse peleado con otra alumna de la secundaria 518 en”>#Teotihuacán Este es el momento en que es asistida después de la pelea antes de entrar a clases. D.E.P.

— Aquíedomexnoticias (@aquiedomex)”>March 17, 2023

What Do The Authorities Say?

The State of Mexico’s Secretariat of Education stated that The Fight between The students of The Official Secondary School 518 Annex to The Normal School of Teotihuacán took place on February 21, and The young girl died on March 13.

Additionally, The department stated that “In anticipation of what The FGJEM (Attorney General’s Office of The State of Mexico) might require, educational authorities are compiling The chronology of events and The evidence of The actions taken by The school authorities to determine responsibilities.”

No information Has been reported regarding The girl whose blows caused Norma Lizbeth’s death, or The high school students who recorded and encouraged The Fight.

Raising Awareness and Creating a Compassionate World

The story of Pelea de Norma Lizbeth In Teotihuacan Is a tragic example of how bullying can Have devastating consequences. The incident should serve as a reminder to society that it Is our responsibility to raise awareness and strive to create a More compassionate world. We must recognize The warning signs of bullying and take action to prevent it.

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