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Jackline Mensah is very much trending on Twitter, so far the statement that she has shared which represents her opinions on dating is getting huge hate on social media by her own fans. Let us take a look at this article so to understand why does this TikTok Star getting so much hate currently.

Who is Jackline Mensah?

Jackline Mensah is a Ghanaian social media personality, comedian, actress and influencer. She is also known as the TikTok goddess and has so far gained huge internet popularity by posting comedy video content on TikTok.

Having around 2.0 million followers as of 2022. Jackline was born in Accra, Ghana and has gained her basic education at Broadwings International School at Spintex, Accra. She, therefore, continued her secondary education in Accra at Presby Senior High School.

Jackline Mensah
Jackline Mensah

She is known in Ghana as a huge media personality, whose major focus topic in terms of content is the comedy genre.

Jackline began using TikTok by Mimicking the American TV series, The Vampire Dairies and also mimicking several popular people and celebrities also including Ghanaian dancehall artist, Shatta Wale.

She was also the first Ghanaian verified TikToker which attained a one million follower range on the popular video-sharing app called TikTok.

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Why is Jackline Mensah getting hate on TikTok?

Ghanaian TikTok celebrity Jackline Mensah is getting huge hate on TikTok, the reason being her recent comment on whom she will date.

Recently a blog and some social media users stated on their websites and their page that the TikTok star will not date a man if he takes TroTro as his transportation system. The Blog also quoted that the TikTok star would take full responsibility to buy him a car from her own pocket.

The statement changed millions of her fan’s views towards her who started giving her hate and making jokes against her after the star claimed that she will not date a man if he takes a local transportation system TroTro.

What did the TikTok Star Reply to Her Haters?

While the TikTok Star has been very open about it, she as per sources bashed the blogs and the social media users who misquoted her opinion and her statement.

According to her, the blogs should have quoted her correctly instead of using false statements to get extremely high engagement.

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In her response, she stated “If you would quote me, quote me right. Say this and this is what I said. Why would you go around, making false news? I hope you all got your engagement as you wanted,”.

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