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One of The greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan Is a retired professional basketball player. The details of His legendary position and professional accomplishments are well known, but what about His private Life? This Article will concentrate on Yvette Prieto, Michael Jordan’s wife, and their relationship.

Is-michael-jordan-wife-yvette-prieto”>Who Is Michael Jordan Wife, Yvette Prieto?

Model Yvette Prieto was born on March 26, 1979, In Cuba.

She Is Cuban-American. She was reared In Miami and completed her high school education there before deciding to become a model.

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Yvette Prieto Has collaborated With some of The best designers In The world and Has participated In a Number of well-known advertising projects.

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Where Did The Couple Meet?

2008 saw The introduction of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto at a Miami nightclub.

Jordan was going through a divorce at The time from Juanita Vanoy, Michael Jordan’s First wife, to whom he had been married for 17 years.

Prieto and Jordan had an instant connection and started dating soon after.

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Their romance developed swiftly, and by December 2011, They were engaged.

On Christmas Day, Jordan popped The question to Prieto, and They were wed In April of The following year.

The opulent wedding took place In Palm Beach, Florida, at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-The-Sea.

Almost 500 guests attended The celebration at a nearby golf club, including celebrities and former teammates.

Their Relationship

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Michael Jordan wife must be a very lucky woman, but what Is their relationship like?

Jordan and Prieto Have maintained a pretty low profile ever since getting married.

Victoria and Ysabel, their twin daughters, were born In February 2014, and They Have two kids altogether.

Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine are Jordan’s three children from His First marriage to Vanoy.

Jordan Is 16 years older than Prieto, but despite this considerable age gap, The couple looks content and In love.

They Have been seen together at a Number of events and gatherings, and Prieto frequently joins Jordan for His engagements linked to basketball.

Michael Jordan wife Yvette Prieto Has been supportive of her husband since their 2013 union.

Their mutual passion for exercise could be one factor In their close bond.

Jordan and Prieto are well renowned for their commitment to maintaining their physical fitness and leading healthy lifestyles.

Jordan and Prieto Have even been known to play golf together, one of His favorite pastimes.

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Yvette Prieto, Michael Jordan Wife Popularity

How popular Is Yvette Prieto?

Prieto Has created a great career as a model and appears to be enjoying her Life With Jordan and their children, despite The fact that she may Not Have attained The same level of renown as her husband.

One of The factors contributing to The couple’s long-lasting, healthy relationship may be their passion for fitness and healthy living In general.

Despite having a big age gap and dealing With The pressures of fame, Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto appear to be content With their relationship.

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