Why did Vianne Timmons, Memorial University President, apologize?

Vianne Timmons, The president of Timmons, Memorial University Has issued an apology for claiming that she belongs to indigenous heritage. 

Here Is everything you need to know.

What did Vianne Timmons do? 

Vianne Timmons, released a statement on Monday 13th March to apologize for saying she Has indigenous heritage. Moreover, she also Has decided to go on a paid leave following The controversy of The claim.

In addition, Neil Bose, Interim Provost, and Academic Vice-President will reportedly take care of Timmons’ responsibilities during her absence.

Besides that, The duration of Timmons’ paid leave Has Not been disclosed as of yet.


How Is it that Vianne Timmons Is making $52k on a 6 week leave, but students at MUN (and Grenfell) are literally living In squallor With bugs and mold and The meal plan isn’t even half decent. Seriously. Why do we Have to pay for laundry when They don’t service The machines?

— Camryn Nichols (@Cam_BerrySauce) Twitter.com/Cam_BerrySauce/status/1635409395025846272?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 13, 2023

Meanwhile, The New York Post Has accused Timmons of saying that she Has Mi’kmaw ancestry.

Timmons supposedly learned about her lineage In 2009 after her brother submitted their genealogy. Furthermore, she went on to join The Bras d’Or Mi’Kmaq First Nation Tribe after The results were out.

Meanwhile, The Star wrote that The members of The University are annoyed With Timmons for exaggerating The news about her alleged indigenous ancestry to increase her career.


add Vianne Timmons to The list of academic officials & faculty who Have made money by misrepresenting their connection to Indigenous ancestry.

shame on Timmons & shame on MUN for hiring her In a grab for good PR, discrediting their Indigenous faculty and students In The process pic.Twitter.com/mCQxOuwLG0

— grace king (@gracellenking) Twitter.com/gracellenking/status/1633135403258507268?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 7, 2023

Vianne Timmons Is accused of misappropriating her supposed indigenous identity

According to The Star, Vianne Timmons revealed that she decided to leave The Mi’kmaq tribe after some time since The Canadian Federal Government did Not recognize it.

Timmons said, ‘I looked into it on my own and I didn’t feel comfortable identifying as a member of a band that wasn’t official or as a member of a band anyway because I was Not raised Mi’kmaw and so I removed it and never referred to it again.’

She continued, ‘While I Have shared that I am Not Mi’kmaq and I do Not claim an Indigenous identity.’

Timmons explained, ‘Questions about my intentions In identifying my Indigenous ancestry and whether I Have benefited from sharing my understanding of my family’s history Have sparked important conversations on and beyond our campus.’

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The misrepresentation Is yours. Check your “facts” again before making such statements.

— Catherine Perry (@opinionsaplenty) Twitter.com/opinionsaplenty/status/1633398743730122754?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 8, 2023

Meanwhile, Memorial University’s governing body also issued an official statement to address The Timmons controversy. They further added that They are taking The situation seriously.

Additionally, The students having indigenous heritage seemingly believe that Timmons was exploiting their identity.

However, The governing body pointed out that Timmons did Not directly say that she Has an indigenous experience.

The statement read, ‘We Have received important questions about The president’s actions. We believe we Have a responsibility to Indigenous peoples. A fiduciary duty as a board to explore these questions further.’

Subsequently, Timmons revealed that she Has referenced her genealog. ut she Has Not directly gained anything from any past claims linked to her alleged tribal affiliation.


With 6 weeks to reflect she may consider making her leave of absence unpaid. Or maybe that’s just something we would expect from an honourable person. Somebody who might want to set an example for The young people at MUN.

— freshgrilseNL (@freshgrilseNL) Twitter.com/freshgrilseNL/status/1635766688082796545?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 14, 2023


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