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In a recent interview With Bryt TV, Ghana’s youngest rapper Foto Copy voiced His dislike for prominent Afrobeat artist Kuame Eugene and provided a convincing defence of His position.

According to Foto Copy, who Is possibly The youngest rapper on The African continent as well, Kuami Eugene once informed him that His numbers were too small for him to appear on one of His tracks when he and His team approached him for a collaboration.

He claimed that The comment hurt His pride and made him feel hopeless. He spoke of His personal experience, stating;

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“Kuami Eugene, I don’t want to talk about it. In The whole industry, he Is an artiste I hate. I hate him because of what he told me, it took me More than a week to eat. It took me More than a week for me to eat because he told me that my numbers were really small and he couldn’t feature me.”

The artist admitted that he Is a child musician and that there aren’t many young people In The business who can do what he does when asked if he felt unworthy.

He said it was Dancehall great Shatta Wale who came to His rescue and jumped on a song With him after Which he promoted it wholeheartedly. He concluded by saying;

It was because of him that Shatta Wale called me. I really liked him, His music, His career, His lifestyle and everything. I was there when he told me he couldn’t feature me. It made me feel bad but I didn’t feel bad because I knew I am The only one that can do something No kid In The music industry can do. I cried.

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