Younger Sister Of Empress Lupita Drops All Her Dirty Secrets In New Video

The younger sister of Empress Lupita agreed to an exclusive interview and spilled a ton of heavy, dark truths.

The woman who identified herself as Adobea Mary said that Joyce Amoako Is her sister’s true name.

She refuted Empress Lupita’s assertions that she was an ethereal being who had No relatives and had come from there.

Adobea revealed that her sister used to be a wild partygoer, but she changed after meeting Pastor Godpapa The Greatest.

However, her sister eventually returned to her old ways and began wearing revealing clothing. This caused Godpapa The Greatest’s family to advise against His marriage to Empress Lupita. 

Despite The warnings, Godpapa The Greatest went ahead With The marriage and They had a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Empress Lupita’s wild behavior continued after The wedding, causing tension between her and her In-laws.

The family tried to intervene, but Empress Lupita refused to change her ways. This caused Godpapa The Greatest to question His decision to marry her.

Mary suspects that her sister and her husband Have become involved In an occultic group, Which Is causing their strange behavior on Social media.

Watch her Video below;

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