Zaya Wade Learned About Life And Beauty From Gabrielle Union

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Zaya Wade Is so grateful to Have unconditional love and support from her family.

The 15-year-old rising model recently posed for her First-ever magazine cover With DAZED, where she offered up details about her “giant support system” comprised of dad Dwyane Wade and stepmom Gabrielle Union.

In 2020, Zaya came out as transgender to The world, a feat that wasn’t easy. But thanks to her dad and Union’s support, The young star said she felt empowered to stand proudly In her truth.

They are such a giant support system and Have always been there for me,” Zaya told The magazine, according to PEOPLE. “No matter what happens, I feel strongest when I’m With them.”

Zaya says she Has learned so much from her stepmom Gabrielle Union

The muse, who just made her First runway appearance at The Miu Miu fashion show In Paris earlier this month, continued:

“So many big changes Have happened over The last couple of years With me, but also just In general. I think it’s Not my job, but it’s my honor to continue and further my family’s education and appreciation for The entire LBGTQ+ community as we grow together.”

Zaya said she’s learned a great deal about Life and beauty from her stepmom Union. According to The teen, The Being Mary Jane actress taught her that “beauty Is In yourself.”

“It’s about being you and expressing yourself The way you want to. She tries to teach me that beauty standards are arbitrary and that They don’t mean anything,” Zaya continued. “They don’t matter anymore; what people thought was The standard Is Not. And just that being myself Is The best technique out there.”


In February, a Los Angeles county judge signed off on a petition that granted Zaya The right to change her name and gender assignment, a feat made possible by her father. The burgeoning LGBTQ activist said she’s grateful to come from a family that understands The nuances and challenges of being trans In today’s society.

“As our understanding of acceptance Has broadened over The past couple of years, we Have made The strides to keep ourselves educated and combat The ignorance,” she added.


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